Fall Foods

Scarecrow Cookies…don’t forget the Crows!

You will need an Oreo Cookie, circus peanuts cut in the shape of a beak, M&M eyes, and a little licorice stuck in the cream filling for feathers on top!

Apple Person

1 large marshmallow
1 Red or Golden Delicious apple
2 ropes black or red licorice
Liquid yellow food coloring
2 teaspoons flaked coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla frosting
2 miniature chocolate chips
1 maraschino cherry

For head, secure marshmallow to apple with a toothpick. Cut licorice
into two 1-1/2-in.-long pieces for arms and two 3-in.-long pieces
for legs (save remaining licorice for another use). Secure arms and
legs to apple with toothpick halves. For hair, combine 2 drops
yellow food coloring and 3 drops water in a small resealable bag.
Add coconut; toss to coat.

Spread a small amount of frosting on top of marshmallow. Press
coconut hair in place. Dip chocolate chips in frosting; insert into
marshmallow for eyes. Cut a wedge of cherry into a smile; dip in
frosting and place on marshmallow.


3 cups Bugles
2 cups pretzals
3 cups Kelloggs Krave Double Chocolate Cereal
1 (9.9 oz) bag M&M’s
1 (16 oz) bag candy corn
1 (12 oz) bag caramel corn

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!


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